Ladies and gentlemen,
I have developed a new way of investing, with important return, while avoiding most of the usual risks (like bankruptcy…).

About four years ago, I had a ‘click’.

 On a warm summer day, I found myself in the predictable situation of being on the highway, somewhere between Paris and the French Riviera. During the trip, the radio announced 900 km of traffic jam. Upon reviewing the various radio stations, I systematically relapsed on programs evoking the rise of unemployment in France, the sluggish economic environment. Then I was intrigued by a program that expressed the thoughts of the creators of UBER. It is clear that the emergence of UBER is a result of the conjunction of specific social situations followed by in-depth reflection.

This recent socio-economic concept, which was on everyone’s minds, refined
my entrepreneurial spirit.

Investments will remain under control as investor rights will be secured by legally enforceable collaterals. Under the project, investments will be guaranteed and any negative financial risk (like bankruptcy…) will be reduced to zero.

With half a century of experience in the finance sector and, in particular, in the development of real estate projects, I decided to embark upon a project of creating a luxury “5 stars” hotel at an unbeatable price, for vacation. After a 36-month of research, I finally found the lands of my dreams.

No bank credit will be required to buy the land or to perform the construction operation.

An investment fund, controlled by investors, will be created.

The first luxury hotel * will be built by the company KEY HOTELS & RESORTS. I assume the position of CEO as part of a new way of thinking about investing and winning. The hotel KEY HOTELS & RESORTS will be built on the initiative of a new corporate structure, which is currently independent from the investment company. This project will never be mortgaged or otherwise given as collateral, it will be realized through fundraising and will be self-financing, with its own fund.

Extract from the Business Plan (April 2020)