Dear friends and potential customers:
I invite you to watch on YouTube the drama of France, when I started my career in real estate I made offers on apartments, I advertised it and it was sold at the first advertisement on Le Figaro, I am in my offer and I collect my profit. A not intelligent minister added a law that the sessions of promise of sale of compromise or work is prohibited In order to stop the price of the real estate and it is criminal, I managed to circumvent the law, I I blocked a property for €500,000, we paid €50,000 and I sold it to a person who studied at Polytechnique. She made me a transfer from her cell phone of €50,000 and a second one of €500,000 which I cashed right away we signed this deed. The next day he calls me and says I’m going to show it to my lawyer at Francis Lefebvre anyway. I replied one of the bosses is a friend of mine, he told me we have the best.
Four days later he calls me, his counsel wrote to him, it’s very well done but it’s not done by a lawyer, on the other hand in the residual VAT, you have to mark the articles of the commercial code. We Rossigné on the same date.
On the profits explained below certificate of the notary under the Tracfin law, the profits made are excluding taxes.
I put myself in a niche, I was not checked and even if I had had a check in France I would not have been straightened out.
This is why I became a liberal profession, I exercise a profession of Council in Bulgarian like a lawyer but I cannot plead, I do not speak the Bulgarian language but my clientele is in Europe.