Secure your money

We can help and guide you to secure your money by advising you to invest in real estate with a risk close to zero. Our advisers will explain the different financial arrangements according to the sums you have. They are simple and you can follow the progress of the work as the construction progresses live on your laptop or computer.


Example: if you have €400,000 to invest, we can help you invest your money over one year with a return of 12%, guaranteed by a first mortgage on land on which Villas will be built. But you can also do it with friends and you invest €100,000 each one of you.

We represent real estate builders that we have selected for you. We are paid by our customers. Some of the promoters work without banks. For those working without banks, you will be reimbursed for your investment on the first villas sold plus the accrued interest.

The €400,000 will be used to finance the land and the construction of 10 villas of 80 m2 for a family with two children.
The villas will cost, with the land and the turnkey construction, at €1,500 excl. taxes, i.e. for 80 m² = €120,000 with furniture.
In this price will be included a swimming pool, a fitness room, a padel and a table tennis room.
With your €400,000 we will be able to build €400,000: €120,000 = 3 villas = €360,000 and €40,000 will remain in the bank for marketing.

Each villa will be sold on the basis of €3,950 per M 2 X 80 M 2 , i.e. 316,000 excl. taxes, i.e. a margin of: 316,000 excl. taxes – €120,000 = €196,000 Total profit €196,500 X 10 Villas = €1,950,000.
You will notice that your money is secure and the terms will be set down in a notarial deed with a first mortgage guarantee like a bank. On each villa that will be sold, the notary will lift the mortgage and send you the part that is yours.
The lender will be reimbursed over one year as the sales progress, the notary will calculate on each sale, will collect the part of the capital/money to be reimbursed to you plus accrued interest.
The release of mortgage will be made by the notary at the mortgage office in accordance with the notarial deed.
Before the transaction is complete, the investor will have gotten his money back plus 12% interest.

So with this system that we have developed the investor is sure to receive his 12% interest over one year.