Secure your money

Mark Elie Klein can help you invest your money in real estate with near zero risk. He will explain to you how, it is simple and in addition you will be able to follow the work as the construction progresses live on your laptop or computer.


Example: if you have €400,000 to invest, I can help you invest your money over one year with a return of 12%, guaranteed by a first mortgage on Villas under construction.

I can introduce you to a 36-year- old real estate developer who works without banks. The program will be sold in part to reimburse you as soon as possible.

Your €400,000 will be used to finance the land and to build, for example, 10 villas of 80 m2 for a couple and two children. The villas will come back with the land and the turnkey construction at €1,500 excluding tax, i.e. for 80 m² = €120,000 with furniture. It will also be built a swimming pool, a fitness room and a padel.

With your €400,000, the young 36-year-old developer will be able to build €400,000: €120,000 = 3 villas = €360,000 and he will have €40,000 left in the bank. Each villa will be sold on the basis of €3,950 per M2 X 80 M2, i.e. 316,000 excl. tax, i.e. a margin of: 316,000 excl. tax – 120,000 € = 196 000 €. Total profit €196,500 X 10 Villas = €1,950,000 – €100,000 (swimming pool, fitness room and padel) = €1,850,000

The promoter will repay the investor over one year as the sales progress, the investor on each sale will receive the capital plus the accrued interest. The investor will give the release in accordance with the notarial deed. As soon as the operation is completed or even before the investor will have received his money as well as his interest at 12%.

So with this system that I have developed, the investor is sure to receive his 12% interest over one year. If an investor has, for example, more than 5 million euros or more, I can offer him a “Joint- Venture” participation in an operation and he can double his capital. I currently have a construction operation under study of 250,000 m² which will bring in €250,000,000. This young promoter will need 15,000,000 € and I will be his advice, maybe my only child who is 27 years old will enter into this operation.

Another construction of 900,000 M2 that we will keep as a heritage free of all mortgages. I will be the promoter and I will make a 7 star hotel; the largest and most beautiful in the world and without bank assistance.

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