Mark Elie Klein with 53 years of experience in finance and real estate, starting in France in June 1968 with the foundation of his first company, Brazil, the United States, Belgium, Asia, etc, and now Sofia in Bulgaria.

Mark Elie Klein, is in liberal profession approved by the Bulgarian authorities as consultant, real estate expert, finance, taxation, legal, and business creation, project designer, residence permit.

It is important to know that at the beginning of 2024 Bulgaria will be in the Schengen area and the Bulgarian lev will be replaced by the Euro. This is the reason why we should seriously consider investing in Sofia. In 2020 real estate prices increased by 25%.

Bulgaria is particularly active in real estates and the prices are extremely low compared to France, Belgium, Portugal, etc.
Taxes for individuals are 10%. Companies – 10% corporate tax and distribution of dividends are taxed at 5%.
An individual who buys a real estate in his own name can resell it after three years with a non-taxable profit.

Mark Elie Klein with his partners, real estate agencies, architects, notaries, accountants, lawyers, sworn translators, banks, will be able to meet all your needs in Bulgaria.

Mark Elie Klein
Consultant approved by the Bulgarian authorities. Finance, Taxation, Legal, Real estate expert, Business creation.


Mobile: Bulgaria: +359 888 0 444 41
France: +33 6 14 14 14 75
Dubai: +97 158 158 80 83