Mark Elie Klein has extensive experience in finance and real estate, construction, investment, film production, acting, and sale of Luxury Yachts. Mark Elie Klein is in a consultant, real estate expert, finance, taxation, legal, and business creation, project designer, residence permit.

Mark Elie Klein with his partners, real estate agencies, architects, notaries, chartered accountants, lawyers in Paris and Sofia Doctor of law fluent in Bulgarian, Russian, French and English. Sworn translator, Bulgarian, French, English with his company translates more than 40 languages, insurance brokers Banks, will be able to meet all your needs in Bulgaria and other countries.

Mark Elie Klein Businessman,
Consultant, Finance, Taxation, Legal, Real estate expert,
Business creation.

mobile: Bulgaria: +359 888 0 444 41
France: +33 6 14 14 14 75