Project Development


An original idea of Mark Elie Klein and his team:

The port of Monaco is portrayed as an example to project the idea. We have a 47-page brochure with all the technical and commercial details. The Sky of World project is an opportunity to attract many tourists to come to a country.

We believe that in Doha, Qatar (which receives 580.000 tourists each year), and with the football world cup in one month, Qatar received 1.200.000 tourists.

In this project you have the Development of a country by Image/Media/Ecology/Economy/Architecture, and in conclusion an attractive and media-friendly project that will perfectly meet the expectations of a country and its inhabitant, who wish to develop their aura and their economy.

To accompany this achievement, Mark Elie Klein invented a six-stars hotel complex, unique in the world, comprising 1.250 90 m² villas for four people, 2.000 70 m² suites for three people, very luxury villas from 300 to 1.500 m² to receive VIPs. The buildings will be on the edge of the beach and the marina golf course to accommodate an international clientele. In our complex we will also have a Golf & Country Club.


Maite Ghougassian 

Mandataire Conseil Immobilier