Mark Elie Klein : portrait d’un homme d’affaires ambitieux

From France to Brazil, passing through the United States, Belgium, and now Bulgaria, Mark Elie Klein pursues his dreams around the world. Let’s look back at the exceptional journey of this businessman.

Mark Elie Klein: From Childhood to Real Estate Fame

The son of a carpenter, Mark Elie Klein was born in a modest village south of Paris, far from the lofty spheres of the business world. Underestimated and denigrated by his father, he braved a difficult school career to earn his carpentry diploma, thus paving the way for his future. During his military service, he seized the opportunity to train in commerce. In Paris, thanks to his perseverance and desire to learn, he managed to obtain a law degree, paving the way to his success. Becoming the best seller in a real estate agency, he founded his own company at 22, selling more than 300 apartments annually, thus opening the door to unprecedented opportunities.

Today, Mark Elie Klein is a seasoned businessman offering a unique hotel strategy in the era of international communication. Mark Elie Klein wants to give Sofia an emblematic and internationally recognizable image. Imagine the visual impact of the Imperial Khan Hotel 6* Sofia & Golf Country Club, illuminated with the Bulgarian flag every year at 00:00, surpassing all traditional communication, thus making Bulgaria shine.

A Revolutionary Complex, Imperial Khan Hotel 6* Sofia & Golf Country Club

The revolutionary project of the Imperial Khan Hotel 6* Sofia & Golf Country Club, initiated by Mark Elie Klein, testifies to his innovative spirit in the hotel industry. Scheduled for 2024, with a budget of 320 million euros, this complex aims to redefine luxury and comfort in Bulgaria, and to position the country as a destination of choice on the international hotel scene. The future development of Sofia will include architectural, technological, ecological, and economic advances.

The project stands out for its impressive architecture and international media coverage. This project was designed by Mark Elie Klein and his architect Patrick Leyx (owner of URB1). However, specialists such as computer engineers Olivier Clavet and Sébastien Guinot, real estate developer Velislav Dimitrov, lawyer Liliana Bakayko, and manager Carlos Bédran also collaborated on the project. With 1,250 villas of 96 m2, 1,250 suites of 74 m2, 500 rooms of 35 m2, and 1,000 rooms of 17.50 m2, in addition to the Royal and Presidential Villa of 800 m2, the complex will offer a variety of facilities including tennis courts, a spa, restaurants, and a water park. The country club will host 5,000 members. Mark Elie Klein plans to raise one hundred million euros. This sum will be gradually repaid to his future partner as sales progress. Here are the details of the planned sales:

Sale of a 96 m2 villa at €2,995 excl. VAT per m2, for a total of €287,520 excl. VAT. Sale of a 74 m2 suite at €2,550 excl. VAT per m2, for a total of €188,700 excl. VAT. Sale of a 35 m2 room at €2,750 excl. VAT per m2, for a total of €96,250 excl. VAT. Sale of a 17.5 m2 room at €2,750 excl. VAT per m2, for a total of €48,125 excl. VAT. The total sales amount to €620,595,000 excl. VAT. For real estate profits: After deducting the initial cost of €320,000,000, the total sales of
€620,595,000 excl. VAT leave a profit of €300,595,000 excl. VAT. Regarding the turnover of the hotel and infrastructures, which exceeds 300 million euros, costs such as salaries (50 million euros), maintenance products, food, etc., will have to be deducted. The net profit is expected to be significant, with a tax rate of 10% and dividends of 5%. Mark Elie Klein offers competitive prices. For example, the price per square meter excluding taxes is €3,000 for a raw delivered apartment, with an estimated cost of interior work at €600 excluding taxes. His offer is more advantageous because it includes the delivery of finished,
furnished, and decorated goods. Compared to the best 5-star hotels in Sofia: The villa is offered for rent at €595 per day. The suite at €285 per day. Rooms vary between €45 and €95 per day. Mark Elie Klein’s rates are more than 50% cheaper than the competition, while offering quality services in a country club.

A Businessman with Multiple Facets

Mark Elie Klein has designed an innovative process to optimize the complex’s yield. The fundraising of 100 million euros will be gradually repaid through sales. Sales calculations reveal significant real estate profits, with significant turnover for the hotel and its infrastructures, after deducting operating costs.
Compared to the best 5-star hotels in Sofia, the rates offered by the complex are significantly lower, offering excellent value for money. Finally, Mark Elie Klein is preparing a detailed financial analysis, anticipating the adoption of the euro in Bulgaria in 2025, which represents an attractive opportunity for investors and developers.