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Some comments

Monsieur Bourgeois Thursday 16th of February 2012 @ 21:41

Dear Mr. Mark Elie Klein,

You do not believe that fortune favors some and not others?

A friend more cultured than you taught me that the Seneca philosopher defined lucky as “what happens when preparation meets the opportunity.”

I believe there are opportunities for every one of us. They are unpredictable and pass briefly without waiting until we decide to seize it. The question is: are you ready? Are you going to pounce on it?

Upon you starting in real estate, I realized that you lacked the knowledge necessary to achieve your goals. To use Seneca’s words, you were not ready. So, while working alongside, you surpassed your capabilities, particularly in the legal aspects of profession. You noticed that real estate was essentially based on the Civil Code.

You have become a goldsmith in this matter; without boasting, you often give solutions to notaries or lawyers, even to chartered accountants, tips they do not know. Fifteen years after you started, when you had to reinvent a life in Florida, where you got a license in Real Estate and Credit Broker despite arriving with extremely limited vocabulary in English

You have also become an outstanding financier. You behave as you have always done, you are prepared and you go into the pile. And I’m finishing by saying that I really enjoyed your book CITIZEN KLEIN.

Monsieur Clement Wednesday 22nd of February 2012 @ 09:39


I read your book carefully. You are a merciless businessman but you do not stop being a guest. It’s really beautiful what you do. Your dedication to your son has touched a lot and moreover you give crisis resolution solutions. You take care of people who want to have access to the property. You have established afoundation to help sick and disabled children. which makes you admirable. I fail to understand why politicians have not adequately addressed this before. I am concerned about housing and of course the finances are really flush with the daisies, but I salute your generosity and I give you a donation of 10 EUR.

Jean Pierre Clément

Sophie Delauney Sunday 26th of February 2012 @ 09:41

Your book is exciting and once you start, you can’t stop. What stook out to me were your solutions to reduce unemployment and boost the economy by our SME SMIs. I think Presidential candidates should read and re-read your book and take inspiration from it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I found myself laughing on various occasions. The first of which was from page 26 of your book in which you make a caricature of Dupont-Gnangnan, that is worth its weight in gold. Also, on pages 64, 65 and 66 you made me laugh when you talk about Nicolas Sarkozy, DSK, particularly the first paragraph on page 66 where you talk about François Hollande. I wish you and your book great success, as well as your foundation.

Sophie Delauney

Nadia Sunday 26th of February 2012 @ 14:45


I have read your book carefully and I must admit your ideas have my full admiration. As a housewife with two children and a hsuabd on a moden salary, your proposal to build houses at affordable prices immediately appealed to me. This is a solution fully capaable of solving the problem of social housing and decreasing housing benefits. There should indeed be a synergy between politicians (who should have thought of this already) and businessmen. The future President should be inspired by it and I hope he will do it.


Dutilleul Wednesday 29th of February 2012 @ 13:45


I took a lot of interest in reading Citizen Klein. Your book is very lively, and well written. In my opinion, it constitutes a pertinent analysis of the current situation, which is seen through the prism of a business leader. Congratulations.

François Dutilleul, Lawyer

Pierrot Sunday 11th of March 2012 @ 09:46

Dear Mr. Klein,

Your book is highly relevant, lively to read, and refreshing. You could also approach the notion of monetary creation. It is nevertheless incredible that one authorizes the banks, in addition to all that you report, to create money, which they then lend to the states with interests…

Too bad, however, that your book is tainted with inaccuracies such as the price of bread on page 26: the baguette was not worth 1FRF just before the changeover to the euro…

Price of the white bread baguette:

* In 1970, the smic is 593 Fr, the baguette to 0.57 Fr. One can buy 1040 baguettes.

* In 1980, the smic is 2392 Fr, the baguette 1.67 Fr. We can buy 1432 baguettes.

* In 1990, the smic is 5286 Fr, the baguette 3.14 Fr. We can buy 1683 baguettes.

* In 1997, the smic is 6664 Fr, the baguette 3.97 Fr. One can buy 1678 baguettes.

* In 2008, the smic is at 1309, the wand at 0.80. You can buy 1636 baguettes.

* In 2010, the smic is at 1343, the wand at 0.85. We can buy 1580 chopsticks.

Of the many sources:

This takes away credibility from you and it’s a shame because it’s so good…

Hoping to see soon a stronger version soon in bookstores



Pierre Rafilou Thursday 15th of March 2012 @ 16:46

Must read book! Thank you for the free download. Very interesting. When is the new book?


Pierre Rafilou Thursday 15th of March 2012 @ 16:46

Thank you for this book, found in my emails downloaded for free! I read it with great interest. What are we going to become … This context of unprecedented crisis, our relocated work, the banks that no longer follow our businesses (creators of wealth) … I am very concerned.

Many thanks for your initiative Mark,


Citoyen jacques Thursday 29th of March 2012 @ 09:52


I just finished your book, and your analysis and proposals seem to me relevant and full of common sense. Nevertheless, I can not help but think that candidates in the presidential election, even if they find your ideas interesting and echo (unknowingly, like the poet) currently, may forget the proposals you make. My consulting activity brings me to meet some elected officials and mayors, and I see quite often that they allow themselves to be governed by interpretations of the law so well written in the codes. How can we believe that these men and women, with good intentions at the beginning, will respect their words, the law and the people who elected them? I do not want to be defeatist and believe in a positive change for our societies, but here are many years of past experiences that unfortunately support my concern.



Claude_P Wednesday 11th April 2012 @ 09:53

Hello,I am a technician on a channel of the Radio France group. I heard about your digital book “2 million readers” in a broadcast of a competing radio on the digital revolution in the new landscape of the book. I immediately loaded it, and I liked it. I basically agree with your arguments. After this post, I will also send a copy of the book to the PR groups of several shows, because it would be a good idea to invite you to debate. On the substance and content, I agree with you: the ECB is robbing savers to water the banks, under the shameful pretext to facilitate the granting of credit. On the contrary, banks no longer lend to businesses and keep money to speculate on the stock market, gold, or oil. But I would still have a little reproach on a gap in your book, about the wealth tax. You could have suggested that it be expanded to works of art! When this tax was invented, a small, well-favored lobby of the Court lobbied for art to be excluded from its perimeter. As if their billions stashed in the form of tables in the armored coffers of banks were more useful to the economy than the capital invested in activities creating value and employment! Wink Inside Job: It’s Charles Ferguson and not Jack Ferguson.

Good luck,


Victor Vinci Friday  27th April 2012 @ 20:02


How is real estate to continue with all these measures> Fight against tax loopholes! Removal of Scellier and Bouvard devices. Bravo, result -40% of sales since the beginning of the year among the 5 majors of real estate development and freezes ongoing projects. All this to bring down the price of real estate, and we know this will lower the supply and prices. How many jobs are sacrificed when a home generates work for two people.