My associates and I are creators of new generation buildings, in the service of sustainable development.

“The future has many names. For the weak, it is called the impossible; For the timid, it is called the unknown; For the thinkers and for the valiant, it is called the ideal.”

Victor Hugo


A team with multiple and complementary skills is the key to the success of ET Development and its projects.

“Never doubt that a small group of determined people can change the world. In fact, it always worked like that.”

Margaret Mead


Beyond these partner companies, we mobilize all the necessary skills so each one participates in a better understanding of the customer needs to meet them with an innovative service.

Excerpt from the brochure SKY & SEA


This exceptional project will serve as the backbone to the incredible success of your country.

Therefore, it is crucial to perpetuate this forward-thinking strategy.

Today, we are at the dawn of an era in international communication, thus why we have designed this project.



This isa profound opportunity to give your country a strongrepresentative, and symbolic image.

Like Paris with the Eiffel Tower, New York with the Statue of Liberty, London with the Big Ben, and a few others…

If you show the world the French flag, not all will identify it with France, but show them a representation of the Eiffel Tower, and the whole world would be able to recognize the monument and affiliate it with Paris and France.

Show the whole world the « SKY & SEA » building illuminated with the colors of your country on the first of January of each year at midnight, the visual impact of such an exceptional and illustrious architectural work is much symbolic and significant than any other form of communication.



With such a « work of art », your country will place itself at the forefront of cities that have invested in major architectural achievements and in addition it will be a model with respect to sustainable development, energy saving and ecology.

Absolutely nowhere in the world is there such a concept.

France is the world’s number one tourist destination and in comparison, a very small amount of visitors visit your country.

This book, which provides an international dimension and a symbolic mage that will be freely disseminated by the international media, would significantly increase the number of visitors to your country.



Although seemingly very futuristic, this work remains relatively simple to accomplish because the sophisticated techniques deployed.

This is a very important factor because the savings generated in terms of construction will allow the project to be financially profitable, irrespective of indirect spin-offs thanks to the media coverage of the « SKY & SEA » project.

The anti-seismic construction and the structure are in preparation for winds of up to 300 km / h. Security will be optimized far beyond regulation alone.

To be at the forefront of the means of communication all the building will be equipped in LIFI,

10,000 times faster than Wi-Fi since we use light waves instead of sound waves.

The four pillars of the structure will be connected to each other by two concrete tubes that will ensure the stability of the whole, one of the two tubes will be a technical gallery plus a submarine passage, the other will be divided into several boxes immersed at will, that will serve as a wine cellar in water.

The bottles kept for one year in immersion will be sold by the two restaurants for consumption on the spot or for take-away. It will undoubtedly gain huge media coverage: the first underwater wine cellar in the world !



Everything has been prepared to make this work autonomous in energy consumption.

It is not only independent but will bepivotal in future developments that will complement the project.

We will thus have a building of positive energy that will produce more than it consumes.

The specification of the book will oblige the designers to realize a model of project respectful of the environment and of ecology with regard to the materials as well as the technologies implemented.

The combination 3 energies will make it possible to contract for the resale of the unused portion.

Heating and air conditioning will be provided by water / air type heat pumps, which will capture the energy in the bottom water of the harbor (which remains constant between 11 and 16 degrees), in order to restore it in the form of cold or hot water season.

In the summer, the superheated air in the top of the dome will be recovered by pumps with heat exchanger also producing energy.

The kinetic energy of the elevators and the funicular will be recovered during their descent and restored during the ascent.

The flexible and transparent photovoltaic sensors are placed at the top of the glass dome of the shopping mall.

The two « new generation » cylindrical wind turbines (very high efficiency) have no visual impact.

They are integrated into two of the four supports of the building and will produce electricity.Six turbine tidal engines will benefit from the 16 hectares of the port (about 1.3 million m3 of water for an average tidal of 30 centimeters or more than 190 000 m3 per day; they will also produce electricity.



This new and ecological project will raise at least thirteen potential sources of revenue.

Resale electricity to the local dealer.

Rental of the heads of the piers to the telephone networks. The quality of coverage will be improved for the whole city.

Quality of life and economy depend on the quality of communication.

On the 3,528 sqm of the central bridge, there will be a commercial gallery rented from prestigious stores.

The 2,520 sqm upper mezzanine deck will have a space for events, shopping mall and offices in the central part, and at the ends there will be two internationally renowned restaurants.

The latter will be partly on two discs that will gently turn continuously in order to diversify the view throughout the meal and some tables will be laid on a glass floor with direct sea view 66 meters below.

A project of this dimension must also be an economic success.

The 3,024 sqm of the lower deck will be designed for Palace Suites 7 * unique in the world by their concept, which will compete with the most prestigious hotels in Dubai.

The rental of 500 sqm additional commercial space on the platform at the foot of the elevators will complete the project and will allow the integration of the technical premises.

There are 9,072 sqm of deck and 928 sqm on the docks.

A total of 10,000 sqm of floor space.

Revenue from advertising related to the image of the building.

The LED communication carried out on different parts of the building.

The sale of bottles from the submerged wine cellar.

Not to mention, the many indirect revenues that this concept will bring to the economy of the country: hotels, shops, banks, etc…



The 60 meters high under « Bar » allows both 200-foot sailboats to pass and leave a clear view when crossing the building, and it will be the draft which will limit the tonnage of vessels entering the port.

The pillars rise to a height of 124 to 140 meters for the highest; one of the two elevators will make a stop « Touristic Photo » before going down towards the gallery, the other will be in direct access in the gallery.

One of the elevators will have a private and highly secured area for the purpose of private access for V.I.P.

The elevators and the funicular will be supplied independently of the rest of the work and they will be ordered completely autonomously in order to improve safety.

The transmitting antennas and the lighthouse will culminate at 140 meters in height.

The architecture is resolutely contemporary and futuristic because this work must remain the pride of a country from generation to generation.

This exceptional building will delight the residents along with the apartments that have a view of the Eiffel Tower.

From the sea, the phenomenon is the same: the gate of the city will detach itself alone in the sky, giving it a very strong identity.

The work will be visible very far at sea from the neighboring shores.

A signal by the LEDS will make communication on the sides of the work as well as on the stacks of support, the wirings.

On top, it will be visible at night from space by satellites and jets, messages can be visible andphotographed by a satellite, which can broadcast them all over the world.



An attractive and media-friendly project that will perfectly meet the expectations of a country that wants to develop its « aura » and enhance its tertiary economy activities.

The continuity of an exceptional development will undoubtedly enhance the reputation of a country due to the ambition and spirit of innovation of its leaders.



A project of splendor that will make the pride of the masters of works like that of the client.

The creation of dynamic, visual and exceptional international media coverage.

The development and accomplishment of an environmentally friendly and sustainable project, which will bolster the country’s economy and intellectual wealth.





The whole structure will be mounted on anti-seismic multidirectional block cylinders damping any vertical and horizontal shocks.

All of the technical part, the operational and control center will be installed underground, below the water level and permanently in connection with the official seismic data services.

The whole of this structure will receive a painting called « intelligent » which makes it possible to detect any cracks of the building in order to remedy it quickly.It is a paint containing conductive materials, such as copper.

Once applied, electrodes are placed on the periphery of the structure.

A program then manages the diffusion of a low intensity current between the electrodes, and each time a pulse is sent, the electrical conductivity of the paint is calculated. If there is a drop in conductivity this means that cracks have appeared.

This process enables the detection of possible problems as well as the necessary mechanisms for a swift and effective intervention.



Two lifts with a capacity of 20 people each, one of which is specially reserved for V.I.P.

A funicular cabin with a capacity of 40 people.

These three elements work thanks to a very simple system that we will patent and that you will have the pleasure to bring into the project « SKY & SEA », or in other constructions.

NB: The elevator cabs and funicular will be « panoramic » and equipped with transparent solar voltaic.



This pedestrian access ramp will be completely covered with photovoltaic panels on the ground, perfectly adapted for this use and will be an additional energy supply.



In addition to helical turbine wind turbines, we propose to install wind turbines with propellers in the circular cavities of the structure of the arch, not detracting in any way from its aesthetics, which will also be a not insignificant contribution of energy.



If necessary, we envisage an inclined overhang of the funicular railing equipped with solar panels as well as the roofing of the administrative buildings of the ark to still recover energy.

In the near future, you will see the inauguration of our unique project in the world via the media of the whole world.

Project designed and realized according to an original idea of ​​Alex PETIT in association with Mark Elie KLEIN and Francis BAPTISTE.


E.T. Development « Ecologic Technologic’s Development »

Chaussée de Waterloo 412F 1050 Ixelles-Brussels

Moniteur belge: BE 0476.748.763

Manager / Director: Mark Elie Klein



KEY HOTELS & RESORTS – Project unique by its concept.


Here is the first project that is underway in the Dominican Republic associated with a VIP personality of the country.

Other projects will then be launched in Cuba, Thailand, Cambodia, China, etc.

It will be (5*) hotels at attractive prices accessible to young people. In less busy periods my chain of Hotels KEY HOTELS & RESORTS will invite free of pay, people with a handicap provided they are accompanied.

The first Hotel will soon be built in the Dominican Republic and you will have a video on the progress of the works. Each Hotel will be different with many surprises in order to make you enjoy the uniqueness of each facility in the world. And you will see a complex in Thailand that does not yet exist in the world. With a membership card accessible to many people, sold wholesale to professionals but reserving me the right to sell individually at the same price as the wholesale but reserved to a clientele of less than 30/40 years. You can book in all the hotels of the group with the exchange integrated in the group KEY HOTELS & RESORTS.