How to invest while keeping control of your money?


Ladies and Gentleman,

I invented a new way of investing with a minimum return of 15% a year and most of the usual risks (bankruptcy, …) will be evacuated with certitude.


About three years ago, something clicked inside of me.

I was forced to a situation so predictable in this summer on the famous motorway to the Sun, somewhere between Paris and the Côte d’Azur.

The radio announced 900 km of traffic jams, I was trying to get traffic guiding services of the radio and, reviewing the various radios stations, I systematically relapsed on programs invoking the upsurge of unemployment in France, the economic sluggish environment, then I was intruiged by a program that recounted the thoughts of the creators of UBER. It is clear that UBER, for example, is the result of the conjunction of specific social situations and in-depth reflection. This recent socio-economic concept, which was on everyone’s lips, sharpened my entrepreneurial spirit.

Investments will remain under control, the investors’ rights secured under legally enforceable collateral.
Investments will never be guaranteed under the project and any negative risk (bankruptcy, …) will be canceled with certainty.

With a half-century experience in the business sector in general and in the financing of real estate projects in particular, I decided to implement a project of luxury hotel « 5 stars » to unbeatable price. After searching for 18 months, I finally found the land of my dreams, helped by someone from the local political world to bring together all the different owners of this land ideally suited to the project

No bank credit will be required to complete the construction operation, the total cost of which is estimated at USD 221,825,774, excluding the self-financing extensions for 800 suites. The creation of an investment fund (KeyHotelsFunds S.A) will be set up by an investor who will ensure the Presidency controlled by several investors who will be on the board of directors and supervisory board.

Investments will be subject to an interest rate of 5% applicable on the capital invested during the first year and from the second year to the third year the interest will be increased to 25% per annum but with the possibility of repayment end of second year.

The first luxury hotel ***** will be built by the company  »KEY HOTELS / CONSTRUCTOR » under my brand « KEY HOTELS & RESORT » I will ensure the presidence in the context of a new way of thinking to invest and win.

The KEY HOTELS & RESORTS hotel will be built on the initiative of a new corporate structure, currently independent from the investor company. This project will never be burdened with mortgages or other collateral, as long as the realization will be done by means of own funds and self-financing.

KEY HOTELS & RESORTS has 1000 suites including 500 suites of 60 sqm, 400 suites of 90 sqm and 100 suites of 120 sqm built on 634 acres bordering the beach on 640 meters with an international golf of 18 holes, plus an extension project for 800 suites. A shopping center, a children’s playr center, nursery, restaurants, bars, amphitheater cinemas, nightclubs, multipurpose areas, concerts, tennis competition, exhibitions, fashion show, fitness center, thalasso, spa, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi fitness, massage, beach and pool bars and restaurants, basketball courts, fitness and gym, etc.

The first hotel KEY HOTELS & RESORTS will be created in the Dominican Republic and I plan to open other hotels in several tourist destinations in the world.

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PS : At our meeting I will present for your information my current project « SKY OF PARIS ». This project with a total cost of 847.576.000 € HT will be entrusted to a bank of first-rate business which will bring the financement in equity as soon as we have the agreement of the French authorities.

A unique project in the world of 24,000 sqm built above the Seine. 
Future development of Greater Paris, Image – Media – Architecture – Technology – Ecology – Economy, and in conclusion the development of an environmentally friendly project that respects the sustainable environment and that participates in the economic and intellectual wealth of a great country.

I already announced in the Russian press (website my ambitious project « SKY OF MOSCOW « different from the one in Greater Paris but in the same spirit adapted to Moscow with more than 50 000 m2, built above the river Moskva.

This will include parkings, a shopping center with luxury shops, restaurants, a gastronomy, breweries from many different countries, an event space for parades, Cinema and theater, a 7-star hotel, closed offices with a large « open space » for Start Ups and finally a large museum of new generation named « Vladimir Putin Museum » Our teams are currently working on this project.

KEY HOTELS & RESORTS – Project unique by its concept.


Here is the first project that is underway in the Dominican Republic associated with a VIP personality of the country.

Other projects will then be launched in Cuba, Thailand, Cambodia, China, etc.

It will be (5*) hotels at attractive prices accessible to young people. In less busy periods my chain of Hotels KEY HOTELS & RESORTS will invite free of pay, people with a handicap provided they are accompanied.

The first Hotel will soon be built in the Dominican Republic and you will have a video on the progress of the works. Each Hotel will be different with many surprises in order to make you enjoy the uniqueness of each facility in the world. And you will see a complex in Thailand that does not yet exist in the world. With a membership card accessible to many people, sold wholesale to professionals but reserving me the right to sell individually at the same price as the wholesale but reserved to a clientele of less than 30/40 years. You can book in all the hotels of the group with the exchange integrated in the group KEY HOTELS & RESORTS.