Mark Elie Klein


Mark Elie Klein is a Belgian self made business man, investor and real estate developer. He started his career in 1968, when he created his first company in Paris, France.

About Mark Elie Klein

  • 1968
    Foundation of his first Company
    Foundation of his first Company in property trading, acquisitions, renovations of old buildings in Paris and resales in condominium. A major player in the Paris market.

    Executive Director, Chairman of the board and shareholder in the subsidiaries of Bank VERNES and Commercial of Paris. Mr. Jean-Marc Vernes also owner of the BEGHIN SAY GROUP. SFII (Société Financière d'Investissement Immobilier), COGERIM (Compagnie Générale de Rénovation Immobilière) and IFIG (Investissement Finance Immobilier de Gestion).

  • 1982
    Mark moved to the USA
    In 1982, when the Bank was nationalized by President François Mitterrand, Mark Elie Klein went to the United States and developed real estate development operations of large-scale construction. 500 villas in Miami and other major achievements in Florida.
  • 1988
    Joined Private Management Bank
    In 1988, at age 42, divorced his American wife, Mark Elie Klein returned to France and was associated with B.G.P (Banque de Gestion Privée) of the owner Mr. Paul DESMARAIS and Mr. Albert FRERE managing real estate subsidiaries. The Bank was sold to ``CREDIT AGRICOLE`` and Mark Elie Klein sold at the same time real estate companies.

    Then, he created in Belgium a real estate property of investment (C2M Company), then in France, Luxembourg and Denmark with Mr Christophe LAMBERT (film actor) and Mr Michel HALIMI (former advertising). Resale of buildings to the ``MORGAN STANLEY`` Bank.

  • 2004
    Mark moved to Belgium
    Then, Mark Elie Klein moved to Belgium, continued to manage his real estate assets and became a Belgian, he renounced to the French citizenship and revival in business.
  • 2014
    Key hotels & resorts
    He develops a hotel concept ``KEY HOTELS & RESORTS`` in the Caribbean he has put in place along 1 km of the Beach, including Marina and Golf International. This achievement is the construction in the world of 5 star luxury hotels in strategic and accessible places to all tourist.
  • 2014-2016
    New generations buildings
    Mark Elie Klein is also Manager of the company ``E.T.development`` (Ecologic Technology's Development) to develop unique designs in the world, new generation buildings that you will hear about shortly.

    Mark Elie Klein will equally create an investment company in France to acquire buildings report and being interested in the training of youths who would like to follow his path.